Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bengali Meal

This is a special Bengali meal I cooked on a very special occasion.
Here is a list of items that I have in the photo above.

1. Bhat (Plain white rice )
2. Phulkopi bhaja (Cauliflower fry)
3. Kumro bhaja (Butternut squash fry)
4. Begun bhaja (Brinjol fry)
5. Alu Bhaja (Potato fry)
6. Ilish maach er dim bhaja (Fried hilsha eggs)
7. Mung dal (Lentil soup)
8. Bhindi Masala
9. Egg Curry
10. Ilish maach er jhal (Hilsa in mustard sauce)
11. Pomfret fish fry
12. Cucumber
13. Red onion
14. Lime
15. Green chilly
16. Kosha mansho (Mutton curry)
17. Chingri maache er malai curry (Prawns in coconut sauce)
18. Semai er payesh (Vermicelli milk pudding)
21. Jalebi
22. Misty Doi (Sweet yogurt)
23. Glass of water

Soon I will start uploading the recipes (the ones I cooked) as well.


  1. I have rarely seen any Bong girl cook like that! Reminds me of my Mother, who would create a spread in no time! It all looks good. Did you do the mishti doi at home?

  2. Hey! Thanks :) No I didn't make the misty doi at home :)

  3. Sanchita ... hats off to you! Ki kore korle!
    Awesome ... just awesome ... both the gesture and the spread! :-)