Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jordans Cereal and Nut Bars–Review


I love cereals. At one point in my life so far, I had spend days having two main meals of the day with milk and cereals. Although, I have come out of that habit now but I still like cereals, purely because its tasty and takes zero effort to prepare especially in the morning when I am in a forever rush to work.



Let me first talk about the luxury nut bars. There are 3 individually packed bars in the box. Each bar is packed with almonds, hazelnuts and pecan nuts. Chunky whole and chopped nuts mixed with oats. Absolutely delicious snack bar. Had it with a cuppa in the evening and it was just perfect. Would definitely recommend this as an evening snacks. 


Now, coming to the granola breakfast cereal, the honey baked oatmeal blended with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds and dried cranberries, proved quite popular in my house. However we did have difference of opinion about the temperature of the milk to go with the cereal . Some liked it hot and some liked it cold! Either way its a hit! Keeps me going for a long time compared to my regular toast and coffee. Try it yourself and let me know!