Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Visit from the Fairy Hobmother

This is a quick post on nutty cook. A couple of months ago I had left a comment on A forkful of spaghetti’ s post where it was mentioned that if I am lucky enough I might get a visit from Fairy Hobmother and receive a gift! Well I got to be honest here, after I left the comment I never thought I would ever be that lucky. So I forgot about it completely. It’s only yesterday I receive the email that Fairy Hobmother has visited my blog . Yippee!!
Now, Fairy Hobmother (aka Appliances Online who are currently promoting the Bosch Logixx range of energy saving appliances) is also going to give my blog readers the same opportunity which I am really excited about! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and if you are the lucky person then  Fairy Hobmother will pay you a visit too.
So what are you waiting for??? Just leave a comment below and you never know… you might be the next lucky person! Good Luck Everyone!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Gourmet Pizza – Domino’s Pizza Review


Another delicious treat from Domino’s. If you are a pizza lover you have got to try Domino’s Gourmet Pizza. If you are not a pizza lover, then also I would suggest to give it a try as this might change your opinion. There are three options to choose from. Firenzi (Pepperoni), Florentine (Veg) and Rustica (chicken). Check out there full range of delicious pizzas here.


We recently tried the large Firenzi Pizza, thin and crispy base with Pepperoni and double Jalepeno peppers topping (ummm..spicy and hot). You can choose reduced fat cheese but we went for the default, deliciously fresh Mozzarella cheese. The sauce base they used is also very special, made with sundried tomatoes and garlic. Absolutely delicious.


One large pizza was more than enough for two of us. In fact we couldn’t finish it in one go and had to take some rest before we attacked it again. The pepperoni was little spicy too and along with the Jalepeno peppers, it was haven. Thank you Domino’s for another delicious hot and spicy pizza.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wine - Review


Last week I received an email asking if I would like to review some summer wine for the very well known online supermarket Ocado. No points for guessing that I was super exited to read the mail. I didn’t waste any time thinking about it and agreed immediately. I was expecting sample bottles like the small ones you find in the supermarket. Within few days I got the package delivered and when I opened the box, there were not one, not two, instead three 750ml bottles of wine.  


The three bottles I received are

1. Banrock Station Colombard Chardonnay 2010

2. Banrock Station Moscato 2009

3. Kumala Zenith Rose 2010


Let me start with the Chardonnay first. I served the chilled wine with some chicken escalope and chilli garlic squid to go with it. Since it’s a white wine I thought chicken would be a good partner. The first thing that you will feel about this light coloured wine is its very smooth and has got citrus flavours in it. S usually prefers red over white but when he tested this one he actually liked it. He found the wine has a hint of tropical fruits combined with the citrus flavours. He also thought it was smooth wine which has complex oak finish, low in tannin and easy to drink.


I had no problem in believing that it was an easy to drink wine as I saw him how soon he finished his glass. The Australian wine had 12% alcohol by volume which I think is a good percentage for white wines. I would say its a good summer wine to enjoy in your back garden on warm summer afternoon with some food, and friends and family.


This is the wine I was so looking forward to try as I was impressed with its dark pink colour of the wine. This is from South Africa with 12 % alcohol by volume. I loved the colour and the sweet aroma it had but I guess it was bit to sweet for S. It was very fruity for him but from a pure women point of view I liked it. I would say it went very well with the chicken dish and the green leaves salad as it was giving the contrast in taste in all three.


Last but not the least we tried the Moscato which is a dessert wine and has 5.5% alcohol by volume. This one is also from Australia and its suggested that it can go with either desserts or mild cheese platter. We obviously went with the sweet option and tried chilled with warm apple cake. This was bit sweeter compared to the rest of the two wines. It had hints of lemon and pineapple. Light in colour, bit dry but with sweet notes and refreshing finish.