About Me


That's me the Nutty Cook! Why Nutty? Well, simply because following rules is not in my nature. I take the life as it comes to me and try to go with the flow and do what ever comes to my mind. Which to me feels the way life should be but not many people agree with me! "Are you crazy?" , "Why are you doing this?" are some very common questions I face quite regularly. So when it came to name the blog, that's the best I could I think which suits this description the best!  

I am an amateur cook and photographer. Born and bought up in India and currently based in bay area, California. I love travelling and tasting all kind of food but my weakness is dark chocolate. I believe I can survive on chocolate and  that's one of the things I would like to have in a deserted island. This blog is all about my small but valuable life and the experiences I collect while walking on my life path.

Hope you enjoy your time here and I would love to know your thoughts, if you care to share. Drop me a line:  sanchita[AT]nuttycook[DOT]com or tweet me @thenuttycook.

Thanks for stopping by!