Friday, September 25, 2009

Suji er halwa (Semolina pudding)

OK! So, I will start with the sweet/dessert recipes. The first one is suji halwa. This is a very easy and quick recipe to make and very tasty as well specially if you have a sweet tooth. So here we go.


100 gm suji (semolina)
3 Tbsp sugar (or more to match your taste)
100 ml warm milk
Boiling water (as required)
1Tbsp ghee/ butter
1 Bay leave
1 green cardamom
Few cashew nuts
Few raisins


Dry roast the semolina until the sweet aroma comes out of the semolina and it turns light brown. Remove it from the heat and set it aside. Heat the ghee/butter now, fry the cashew nuts and set aside. Add the bay leave, cardamom to the remaining butter and fry for a while now add the roasted semolina and mix well, then add the sugar, milk and the water and keep mixing until you get a homogeneous mixture stirring it continuously. Now add the raisins and the fried cashew nuts and mix well. Serve hot.

Optional : you can add little bit of orange food colour or a bit of saffron diluted in the warm milk. This will give a different dimension to the dish.

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  1. give me luchi and this... and i bet probably the best breakfast in bengal...