Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pesto Chicken–Easiest Recipe Ever


Now a days I have almost stopped cooking. Since my parents are here, I am having a great time with them. On top of that I am on the luxury of home (mum) –made food. Feels like my bachelor days, where I never cared about food or any household matters. I know this won’t last long but enjoying every bits of it till it lasts.



Even though I am not cooking much, that doesn’t stop me from chatting about food and recipes. I was having a chat with few fellow foodies and while discussing salmon recipes, it kind of struck me of making salmon with pesto. It was bit late for me to get salmon that day but I was not ready to let go of cooking salmon with pesto. After some time I compromised with the situation and decided to do the same experiment with chicken. Because that was the only thing available in my freezer at that point.



I took the chicken out, thawed it for some time and then marinated the chicken pieces in the red pesto I bought a week ago in the Foodie Festival. Used a generous amount as this is the only thing I was adding to the chicken. I had tried this pesto with pasta last week, so I knew I don't need to add anything else other than salt. Kept the chicken in the fridge for overnight but I guess this step is not necessary, if you are in a hurry then 4-5 hrs. of marination would do.


Before placing in the pre-heated oven I seasoned the meat and cooked for 45 –50 minutes in 180 degree C. Once done, rest it for 5 minutes and then serve. I served it with sliced red onion, goes very well as a starter. This is the easiest preparation I have done for chicken, which turns out to be really good.


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  1. Thats a very nice recipe Sanchita ...and yes I am sure it tastes great :-)..especially will be loved at party menu ..hugs