Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chocolate Review - Cocoa Boutique


Let me ask you a question. If someone told you that you are going to get a box of chocolate for tasting, would you ever say no? Ok wait! Don’t answer that. Let me rephrase the question. If someone told you that you are going to get a box of luxury chocolates which is carefully designed by the master and award winning chocolatiers, would you say NO?


I thought so..


When I saw an email offering me a box of luxury chocolates by Cocoa Boutique for chocolate tasting, I couldn’t wait to reply and equally eagerly waiting for the post. I received the box on post within 2-3 days and it went through my letterbox easily. Although I couldn’t wait to open the box and start tasting it, I just had to take a picture of the box the chocolates came in. I carefully opened the box and started taking photos. I could sense with me my family was also loosing patience to try the chocolates as they were very pretty and delicious looking chocolates.


There were fifteen types of chocolates in the box five of them had alcohol in it. I think the best way I can explain is by showing you the pictures because that’s all I am left with now.

Pink Champagne Truffle : I loves the decoration of the raspberry pieces on top of the white chocolate.


White Strawberry Cream


White and Milk Chocolate Buttons


70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate Buttons, Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean and Milk Chocolate Honeycomb



Chocolate ganache with dark chocolate casing with rainbow colour and cocoa dusted dark chocolate salted caramels


Milk chocolate truffle and dark chocolate brandy truffle


Milk Chocolate Almond Pcaline and Raspberry with a hint of orange


  Vanilla Irish Cream and Rum Cafe Cream


Hope I made you crave for chocolate by now. If you want a similar box for yourself then just head over here and you may be one of the lucky ones to get luxury chocolates worth £35 for free! All you need to do is enter your name and email address. You can also go to their website to buy one and get a free delivery. One thing I must say that the chocolates were very good, simply melt in the mouth and long lasting flavours but would I pay £35 to buy this lot? May be not, but that is just me.