Saturday, July 7, 2012

Milky –Jelly


Believe it or not I came up with this dessert idea because of my toddler. I got some apples from the market as my baby loves fruits. But when I made a puree of those apples with couple of apricots, the puree turned out to be too sour for him. May be it was the apple I choose but anyhow I made melon puree for his lunch but didn't throw the apple and apricot mix away.


Once he was fed and asleep I was left with that puree. Can’t drink it, as it was too sour and can’t throw it as well. The colour as you can see is very beautiful too. So I went back in the kitchen and this is what I ended up with. It tasted as good as it looks.


I added some sugar (as per your taste you can adjust the sweetness) and some corn flour to say 150 ml milk (normal temperature) and then placed it on the hob and started heating the mixture. You can also use soymilk instead of cow milk if you want this recipe to be dairy-free.  Brought it to boil and at some point I could see the mixture is getting thicker. You can add few drops of vanilla essence at this point, but that’s optional. I poured it in to the dessert glasses and left it in the fridge to cool and set.


Next step, I took that fruit puree in to a saucepan and placed it on the hob. Added 3 tbsp of sugar in it. You can add more or less sugar depending upon your taste and the sourness of the fruits. Boiled it for couple of minutes then added one full sachet of gelatine powder. Kept stirring so that it gets mixed in the puree well. Took it off the hob and let it cool for 5 minutes. Now took those set milk glasses and pour this jelly mix on top of it, spoon by spoon. Don’t pour it in a continuous flow then it will melt or cut through your set milk. Fill the glasses and return them in the fridge for couple of hours to set. Serve chilled.


Note: Don't start making your jelly before the milk has set. else your jelly will be ready but the milk in the bottom won’t set. Also the jelly wont be very wobbly, as the fruit puree will of thicker consistency compared to the normal jelly liquid. It will be more like jam. 



  1. Hi Sanchita,
    My first visit to your space, its nice and has some very interesting recipes.
    Like the milky jelly,I like it when one has to innovate and the result is fab!
    Do drop in at my blog and give me your valuable feedback.

  2. Nicely done. It is good that you used up the puree in an innovative way :-)