Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review - Tart It Up!


I am fairly regular in twitter and most social networking sites. So when Octopus Publishing Group tweeted a photo and asked if anyone can guess the source, I instantly knew what I was looking at. With full confidence I replied and guess what, now I own a copy of it and you are about to read my thoughts on it.


It was a bit longer wait then usual as I was eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Not only because it is a baking book but the thrill to have a book before it is released in to the market is amazing. Also this is a book I was expecting to have lots of baked dessert recipes which it does. 


“Tart it up!” is Eric Lanlard’s latest book on baking. BTW, I also own his first book “Home Bake” and I must say that is a fabulous book and a must have if you are into baking.


This is his second book of baking, mostly involving some kind of pastry, the book is clearly divided in to two parts - Savoury and Sweet, and contains nearly hundred recipes including the accompaniments. The book starts off with the recipe of shortcrust pastry, which is probably the most used one in rest of the recipes listed in the book.


The book is a box of treasures. As I flip through the pages I was realizing that how much baking I will be doing soon. Its difficult to choose from as each and every one is equally tempting. To add to that There are mouth-watering photographs which will not let you close the book.


This is not a book for people who are on diet or planning to loose weight. Also I feel this is a book from where you will cook for special occasions and for someone you care for. If you plan to do a Julie and Julia project with this book and eat them all, you better keep your hospital number in speed dial. The amount of butter used in the pastry which is the base for any of the recipe in the book is just a fraction. for the filling there is similar amount of butter, double cream and sugar. Having said that, all these ingredients are key to the divine taste of the dishes.This book is definitely for the celebrations and the dinner parties you will be hosting in future and not for everyday cooking.


This is a beautifully pictured by Kate Whitaker with step by step recipe given. Along with the textual description, some of the recipes have steps shown in pictures, which I thought is a huge plus point from readers perspective.


Tart it up! will be released on the market from tomorrow, and you can buy it online here at Amazon. P.S. All the pictures in this blog post are clicked by me from the book.


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