Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strawberry Milkshake

This is something I make almost every morning for breakfast. Great way to kick-start your day. It's ready within minutes. Fast, easy, delicious, healthy, filling what else do you need? For a change you can mix different fruits in your milkshake like banana, peach, mango etc. anything you fancy.

Strawberries 4-5 (or any other fruit you like)
300ml Milk
1 tsp sugar (optional)


Remove the stalks of the strawberries then place all the ingredients in to a blending container and blend them together. You can also mix different fruits if you like. Serve with few cubes of ice.


  1. Lovely milkshake. Great clicks too!
    I add half a banana and skip the sugar and enjoy it after a workout session at Gym!

  2. Thanks:) Yeah! I do add other fruits too.

  3. Give a ping when you make iy again. I'll taste it for FREE to tell you if its as good as the post and the pic ;)

  4. wow if only i was health conscious...sigh! i love anythin with strawberries:)

  5. @Apoyando: Thanks. Sure I will let you know :)

    @An Open Book: Ya strawberries are so delicious and you can do so much with them..