Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review

photo Bank holiday weekend started with a very cute delivery in the post! There was a knock on the door and after few seconds S walked in with this cute green box and handed over to me. I was pleasantly surprized with Walker’s packaging, very funny and creative!

photo_1 I loved the little book I found first in the box. Cute and innovative way of marketing the product. its a book that kids would like to see or play with, at the same time Walkers are sending their message clearly to the right audience.

photo_2 Next there was a cute monkey holding a packet of the Walker’s latest product Hoops and Crosses, baked snacks. Matching with the box and the book there was a rather cute monkey inside the box with the sample pack, which I thought that was brilliant!

photo_3 Now it was time to taste test it. I receiver the wholegrain hoops and crosses with roast beef flavour. I opened the pack and offered it to my little one to see if he takes a bite or not! He ate the first bite and looked at me hoping for more. At the end he had half of that 85gm packet. I can safely say that he liked it more than I did! Thank you so much for sending the sample packet to us, my son loved it! 


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