Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day Spent In The Racecourse

Last week I had a chance to spend an entire day in a racecourse - nicely dressed up, pamper myself to the posh, gorgeous looking delicious food, watch the races with great company, bet on the horses, get exited, enjoy and at the same time relax and have lots of fun. At the end of the day I realized how poor betting I had done as I lost most of the money that I bet, believe it or not in one race my horse actually came last, but I enjoyed it a lot. I left the race course with a very warm, relaxing and a genuinely happy feeling. 

It is not something I would like to do very often but definitely once in a while this sort of break is essential to take you away from your work and routine life, all your worries, stress, problems and all sorts of nasty thing that ties you so hard that you almost forget that you are also allowed to have little fun in life!  A bit of pampering, bit of indulgence, bit of decadence that's all you need to charge you up and ready to face the battle again .

So my pampering day started by getting up after 9 am in the morning (on a week day!!), got ready, went to office and waited for the coach to arrive. This was a corporate event so most people chose to take the coach as all of us can enjoy the ride together (official version). Actually it's the reason below, 

We arrived at the racecourse by 11.30 am and been escorted to our private dinner hall! We were welcomed with drinks. While we were seated a person from the racecourse staff explained to us how the betting works and how we can participate and enjoy the race. We were given booklets to guide ourselves towards betting (loosing money actually!!) Then we were served with the delicious four course meal. Here goes the menu.

The Starter

Poached salmon and prawn  tian with a cucumber , caper and lime salsa

The Main Course

Slow roasted loin pork glazed with honey and chinese five spice
Served with spring onion and new potato cake and buttered wilted greens

The Dessert

Pistachio and apricot bread and butter pudding with a Cointreau custard

The Cheese 

Mature cheddar, Somerset brie and stilton cheese served with in-house chutney and biscuits


Coffee and chocolates

No no, it doesn't end there! After demolishing this lavish meal we went for racing and betting on horses, after 2 hours of continuous loosing money, we came back to our dinner hall for some proper English afternoon tea and enjoyed the last match on large LCD screens.

Finally at 6.00 pm we headed home and called it a night!  


  1. Looks like you had a splendid time, in-spite of losing money. The dessert pictures literally made me drool. A fabulous spread!

  2. Wow the food looks straight out of My Fair Lady and P G Wodehouse

  3. wow that would have been an awesome day out. I keep seeing women with fancy hats and gorgeous dresses on the London tube..prob after one of the Derby events or so..the food looks awesome

  4. WOW! that sure looks delicious! and awesome way to spend the day: race, race course, 'n'-course meal...........super!