Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deviled Egg

The typical continental version of deviled eggs is that of a cold starter. As a child, I remember, my mom used to make deviled eggs which were covered in spicy batter, deep fried and served hot with tomato sauce. So out of curiosity, I did some research and found that deviled eggs originated in ancient Rome as cold hard boiled eggs stuffed with spicy filling. The reason it is called 'deviled' because the dish used to be heavily seasoned. However back home in India, it is done in a very different way. Its served as a hot appetizer instead of a cold starter. Well, I like it either way because for me these are two different egg dishes with the same name and honestly who cares about what it is called, when you have something mouthwatering in front of you.

I made my own version of deviled egg and it tasted great. Try it, it's very easy, takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare and you can make it in advance and keep it refrigerated until served. Enjoy!


6 hard boiled eggs 
1 tsp harissa sauce (you can get this in many supermarkets and speciality stores these days)
2 tsp mayonnaise
Few fresh coriander leaves


Halve the hard boiled eggs, take the yolk out and keep the egg white separately. Now mix together the harrisa sauce, mayonnaise and the egg yolks  well. Spoon it back to the boiled egg white halves. Garnish with the coriander leaves and keep them refrigerated for an hour or so. You can also keep them for longer if you wish and serve them as a cold starter. 


  1. Delicious!! The photos are mouthwatering! Nice and simple recipe too..

  2. Very nice cold starter.. it will go well with a full bodied spicy red wine such as a Rioja.

  3. Gorgeous absolutely divine. Great vibrant photos as well. All around awesome post. Cheers!

  4. A very splendid looking starter. I love deviled eggs!

  5. they look great..and like you said easy..on my list for the next party im throwing

  6. how beautifully you have made them and presented!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments and inspiration, means a lot to me. :)