Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mexican wrap with Ham & Egg

When I feel really lazy, hungry and don’t feel like cooking at all I make these wraps. This recipe is delicious and ready in 5 minutes, perfect for lunch (or even brunch if you are like me!!). I have used ham in this recipe but you can use any cooked meat, whatever you have in your fridge like left over cooked meat. In this recipe I have used 1 tortilla as it was quite filling for me but you can change the quantity as you prefer. So here goes the recipe...


1 Tortilla wrap
2 Eggs
2-3 Slices of ham (chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
1 Green chilly (chopped)
Few fresh coriander leaves (chopped) (optional)
Grated cheese

********I didnt add any salt as the meat had enough salt in it.******* 


Spread little butter on both sides of the tortilla and place it on a heated frying pan. Heat it for a minute and then turn. This will give the tortilla a crispy outside. Don’t keep for long time as it might get hard. Remove it from the pan and keep it aside. 

Add oil/butter to the pan and beat the eggs with chopped onion green chilly and fresh coriander. Now add the ham in the mixture. When the oil is heated add this mixture to the pan and cook the omelette as you would like. Spread the grated cheese on top of the tortilla and place the omelette on top of it. Now wrap the whole thing and cut into halves and enjoy.


  1. I tried this, and it is quite hit in my kitchen.

  2. wow!! new to ur blog..I love it!! ur pics are awesome and ur recipes sound doable ( i hope so)
    Will def. try this recipe since I love eggs + hams!!

  3. Thanks a lot. Let me know how it turned out.