Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo a day–Challenge June

This is a tiny post, just to announce that I am going to take part in photo a day June challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim. So watch this space, from tomorrow onwards I will be posting one photo every day according to the prompt for each day. I will also share these photos on my Facebook page and twitter.

And since I can’t resist, here is a picture from last weekend’s celebration of something called “Jamai Sasti”. In West Bengal, India this is a day for every son-in-law to be treated with lots of goodies and a special foodie treat from their mum-in-law. 


'Here is what S got from my mum early in the morning for breakfast. The plate contains, ripe mango, banana, cashew nuts, soaked flaked rice topped with a cherry, yogurt with date molasses, dates, raisins and cherries, dried apricots and motichur laddus .


  1. Ah! so nice to be a son-in-law of Bengal! How does one eat the soaked flakes? Plain or is there an accompaniment? That plate sure looks inviting.

    1. The soaked flaked rice is mixed with the yogurt, fruits, nuts and date molasses. Delicious :)

  2. Fantastic platter, makes me hungry.Beautiful click.