Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review-Dock Kitchen CookBook



Stevie Parle’s Dock Kitchen Cookbook is a collection of recipes from around the world. The recipes are categorized according to the four seasons in the year, beginning with Spring and all the way till winter. For the people who are not aware yet, Doc Kitchen is Stevie Parle’s popular restaurant in London and he is been awarded the Observer Food Monthly Young Chef of the Year 2010. 



The fact I love about the book is that it is very well designed, photographed and organized. At the very beginning with the seasons are listed with page numbers, which makes the book very easy to access. The book is full of beautiful photographs and easy to follow recipes.



As soon as I read that the book claims to have recipes from all around the world, the first thing I was looking for some Indian recipes and I wouldn't have guessed this one “Chaat”. I also found “white chapati”, “brown chapati”, “Amritsari Kulcha” and then I found “Rabbit Biriyani”! I have never had or heard of it but I guess that’s how innovation works! I am definitely going to try that one! The book also contains recipes from Mexico, Italy, Iran, Lebanon and many more.



In the book the author has used many ingredients in his recipes that we normally won’t pick up on our weekly veg shopping. For example, elderflower in grappa batter. But that’s the uniqueness of the book that you will find recipes that they will make your everyday meal a special one. If you are an experimental foodie then this is one cook book you should definitely have.



Now about my favourite topic : Desserts of this book! The book contains 11 ice cream recipes!! and none of them are very commonly used combinations! Now all I need is an ice cream maker to try these recipes!




I loved the photos in the book. A picture speaks a thousand words and that exactly most of the photos of this book are doing. The recipes are very straight forward along with beautiful food photography by Toby Glanville. The book is published by Quadrille publication and now available in Amazon.