Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twinings Royal Wedding Blend Tea


Royal wedding anniversary is coming up this month and Twinings has come up with this new Earl Grey tea called Twinings Royal Wedding Blend Tea. So, when I was being asked to sample it, I didn't say no! I was reading about it and apparently the master blenders of the Twining Tea made this with rose petal. I though may be it is best if I make some traditional combination of sandwiches to go with the cuppa!


I made three different types od sandwiches.The first one was smoked salmon and cream cheese and chive sandwich, second one a simple ham sandwich and the third one was just a cucumber sandwich


I must say the box is very very cute, I simply loved it. Each tea bag is individually packed in black envelopes. The box contains 20 such envelopes. Don’t keep the tea bag in the tea water for more than a minute, and it is best without milk. I also didn't add any sugar.  I liked it. It’s nice and the flavour is very different from simple Earl Grey. You can really feel the difference. Certainly this is not an everyday tea for me, but I will probably have it once in a while when I would really seek for a change of taste and flavour in tea.


If you are interested you can buy this tea online or you can visit Twinings Facebook Page to find out more.




  1. I know the post is about the tea, but I could not take my eyes off the sandwiches!

  2. Lovely post, cant take my eyes from the sandwiches..

  3. wow..that looks incredibly good..awesome cliks
    Tasty Appetite