Monday, December 6, 2010

Time for Goodies

Last Monday I had an invitation to the Sainsbury’s food blogger meet in London. I was all set to go and on the day of the event I had to cancel my invitation because I had to be in another place at the same time. It wasn’t very happy about it as I have been waiting for it. Anyway, it may be next time. The next day, I received an email from Sainsbury’s, which cheered me up! I was about to receive a box full of goodies from Sainsbury’s. Isn’t that wonderful! It made me feel like it was already Christmas.


Friday morning, I received a huge box in the morning post. Much bigger than the pervious panettone box. And guess what I found inside the box? Here is the list. Thank you so much Santa Sainsbury’s for making my this Christmas so very special. Cheers!!!


Taste the difference Almond Panettone – Italians are known for their taste when it comes to Christmas treats. I have tried the Panettone with chocolate bits and now this lovely almond one. It seems after baking this light, buttery textured Italian cake is hung upside down, which helps produce the exceptionally moist finish.


Taste the difference Swiss Truffles – The box had four types of truffles, and I have enjoyed them all.

  • Rich Dark, made with single-origin chocolate from Madagascan Trinitario beans;
  • Milk Chocolate, a traditional Gysi-family recipe using chocolate from Ghana and Ecuador;
  • Vanilla Caramel, with fresh Swiss cream; and
  • Marc de Champagne, filled with genuine French Marc de Champagne made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes


Foiled chocolate racing cars – These little treats are ideal for Christmas stocking, but I would suggest buy them closed to Christmas eve, else you will just have to buy more and more of these goodies. As far as I am concerned I have finished these too. .


Taste the difference fruit and nut topped Christmas pudding is about as good as it gets. The glossy, luxury fruit topping is made with three different French glacé cherries, American almonds and pecans and some sweet-sour candied Moroccan orange halves. The pudding ingredients include juicy Turkish raisins and Greek currants mixed with Californian sultanas and Chilean raisins – all soaked in a warming, boozy blend of sherry, brandy and mixed spices. The pudding is gently steamed and then cooled before maturing for six months, allowing the world-on-a-plate flavours to develop just in time for Christmas.


Taste the difference Holly leaf Christmas cake is baked at a low temperature and the oven gets blasts of steam throughout the cooking process, helping to give it an exceptionally moist finished texture. When cooled it is laced with Cognac before being hand finished with a rich layer
of marzipan, white icing and hand-made edible holly and berry decorations.


Shortbread selection packed in a cute Scottish dog shaped box, just melts in mouth. Its buttery smooth texture is just ideal for a cuppa!   


Note: Some of the images are courtesy Sainsbury’s and I am taking a break gobbling down these gorgeous goodies.


  1. whoa !!! those look delicious and what a preparation, love your goodies :)

  2. Wow those goodies are a way too tempting

  3. YUM!! I'm drooling all over the place :-)

  4. What a treat....this is so cool....Enjoy the goodies....

  5. You are one lucky soul this Christmas! Enjoy the outcome of your good work :)

  6. Wow! everything looks amazing, beautiful pictures.

  7. You are so very lucky Sanchita with all those goodies ...hope you are almost done with all of them....Enjoy dear :) Gorgeous pictures!

  8. Awesome treats ! Wish I was there too ;-)Wonderful pics Sanchita !

  9. I put on weight just looking at those yummy goodies. And what an explosion of flavours..what fave...cognac and marzipan. And I want those rich, dark, sinful truffles now!!!

  10. What an eye feast. Beautiful photography of holiday goodies at their best. Thanks for sharing Sanchita.