Thursday, December 23, 2010

Food Bloggers' Cafe on Facebook

“Are you on Facebook?”
That’s what you get asked nowadays when you make new friends :) I love meeting new people, making new friends, it’s just an amazing thing to do. Besides my routine work this is one of those few things that makes my day different from the last one. To enhance on this thought, about a week ago, I created a group on Facebook called Food Blogger’s Cafe. At that time I didn’t know what I will be doing in here or any member of this group as a matter of fact. But I created anyway, just the idea of having as many  food bloggers as possible under the same roof made me create this Cafe.  Little did I know that this group will grow much faster than I thought. Just more than a week and we are already 100+ members in the group and not only that, this is an extremely active group. Members are sharing their blogs, latest posts, news, adding more food bloggers in the group. It’s an absolutely happening place on facebook.  So if you are on Facebook and a food blogger please do join the group :) and share you blog links with rest of the members.
Since we are growing so fast, I thought it will be nice to have a profile picture for our cafe. A picture that represent our group. So, I invited the group members to submit one photo of their choice that they think will be suitable as a profile photo for our cafe, which meets the following guidelines:
* One entry per member.
* Your own work please.
* Post the photo on the group wall.
* Please see all the photos before liking.
* To "Like" click on any of the photos, then on the top left corner of the photo there is a link of "See all photos".
* Self voting will not be counted.
* The photo that gets most liked will be chosen as a profile picture of our Cafe :)
* The last day of submission is midnight 31st. December 2010.
* I will be featuring every entry with a link to the member's blog on my blog in a single post.

Here are the entries I have received so far. I will continue to update this list as I receive more entries.











And finally Mine :)
I am so glad to receive such a great response from the group. So thank you guys for being part of this Cafe and keep blogging. To like or comment on your favourite photo please visit the group album by clicking here.
For food bloggers who haven't joined the club yet, please do so and enjoy making new friends.
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays :)


  1. I want to thank you or whoever invited me for doing so. What a nice group of people. I will be interested, following all of you.

  2. great going Sanchita. love your photo. it truly captures the concept.

  3. Hi,

    I would like to send you a profile pic too? Where shd i do that??


  4. Keep up the great work Sanchita, Am sending my entry too..
    Tasty appetite

  5. Nice work. Hopefully the group will be a big success!!

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