Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner Party Menu

Last weekend we had a get-together with our very close friends. We were meeting after almost six months. So, I was planning for it for quite some time. I didn't wanted to cook a lot of dishes because when you have a dinner party at your home you don't want to spend most of the evening in cooking and not spending time with your guest. I wanted something not too complicated yet delicious. After some thought, I ended up with the menu below. I did the dessert  previous night as it needed to set for few hours in the fridge, but rest of it I did on Saturday and believe me, I had enough time to make my house presentable and finish cooking before my friends arrive. Just on time. I had a wonderful time with my friends relaxing over glasses of wine, watching movies and lots of chit-chat and gossip.


1. Chicken and sweetcorn wrapped in honey roasted ham slices

2. Spicy tuna mayonnaise wrapped in honey roasted ham slices

3. Smoked Scottish salmon flavoured with coriander & red chilli

Main courses 

1. Lamb curry

2. Scallops in coconut curry sauce

3. Spicy peas and potato

Served with Naan bread and Basmati rice



  1. What a beautiful menu! This was a delicious way tos pend time with friends. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Thanks Velva for your lovely comment.

  3. Great menu! Everything looks very delicious!!

  4. Sanchita, Your dinner menu was great
    and we really enjoyed it. Thanks for uploading.
    The dessert was very good. Last night we tried
    your ham starter and really enjoyed it and missed you guys.


  5. Fantastic menu. Very impressive indeed!!

  6. Dear,
    Lovely blog with awesome pictures. Following you.:)

  7. Very nice menu. I love it!! The photos are amazing!