Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dinner for One

There are some good aspects of being alone occasionally. You can do whatever experiment you want ...If it does not work you can always have egg and toast for dinner, if works then that's great! You have a treat for yourself!!

I had some ricotta cheese and didn't know what to do with it. I searched for some recipes over the internet and found this. Initially, I didn't believe that this could be something nice but still thought of giving a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I had it with a glass of Kiwi Cuvee Pinot Noir. Loved it. 


200 gms pasta (I used fusilli)
100 gms of ricotta cheese
bunch of  fresh spinach leaves / 2-3 cubes of frozen spinach
Olive oil
Some walnuts or cashew nuts


Cook the pasta in slightly salted boiling water, you can add little bit of oil in the water and give it a stir so that the pasta doesn't get sticky.  In a frying pan heat the oil and add the spinach to it. Cook till the spinach is reduced then add the ricotta cheese and mix it well. Cook for a minute then add the pasta into it. Mix it well, Season it with salt and pepper. In a separate pan dry roast the nuts, then add it to the pasta and serve warm.


  1. Looks delicious! Thanks for the upload.

  2. Looking pretty good with just 5 ingredients! The mango lassi in the previous post is making drool as well. A lassi for this lassi(e), please!

  3. Amazing treat dear. First time here. The pasta looks delightful. Beautifully captured. Following yu for more updates :)

  4. i love watching a chick flick with a glass of wine and a simple meal..when im home alone:)

  5. Wine and Pasta are my all time fav...yum recipe and wonderful click :)