Monday, January 14, 2013

Pure Vanilla–Book Review


First of all a very Happy New Year to all my readers.


I am not been very regular here lately but trust me I have good reasons for that. Having said that I feel I need to organize myself bit better so that I can give a fair amount of attention to my this baby as well. Hence one of my new year resolution is to be more regular here and share more mouth watering, easy and quick recipes, book reviews, food photography and many more.


I decide to begin my year with a book review. I received to book when I was away so couldn't review the book earlier but finally when I had a good look at the book, I thought Oh! My Lord. What a book!



The name “Pure Vanilla” sounds to me something divine..and the cover picture of the book gave me the same heavenly feeling. From start to end the book has a divine feeling about it. The pages, the structure of the book the recipes, the photos every thing has a mellow sweetness about it, just like vanilla itself.



Some 80+ recipes including Vanilla cloud cake, Vanilla spread, jams, marshmallow etc..etc.. I am not giving you the full need to buy the book to see it. Its almost like a one-stop reference and recipe book for vanilla you have in your store cupboard. I will be trying out some recipes soon from the book and will make post on that soon. 


The book is written by California based fellow food blogger Shauna Sever. Beautiful, talented the next door baker’s blog can be found here. If you wish to buy the book from Amazon then the link is right here. The beautiful photos of the book is taken by Leigh Beisch and the book itself is published by Quirk Books.


P.S. All the pictures in this post are clicked from the book Pure Vanilla.

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