Friday, June 22, 2012



First I receive a baking book and then some chocolate for review. Both have no connection between them but it happened almost at the same time. May be this is called coincidence. Anyway, I received these two bars of chocolates form Seed and Bean for review recently and here is what I think about them.


The first one is Organic Creamy White Chocolate flavoured with lemon and poppy seeds. Initially, I was quite sceptical about the combination but when I tested it, it felt like I am eating the lemon and poppy seed cake, the only difference is its texture. The white chocolate has a very creamy, sweet and smooth texture. It melts in mouth and when the chocolate is gone you will have some poppy seed left in your palate. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you like sweet chocolates then this is definitely one for you to try. The unique thing about this bar is the addition of the seeds. I haven't tried anything like this before and must say I liked what I had.


The second one is Organic Extra Dark Chocolate flavoured with mandarin and ginger. Now this one is my favourite. With 72% cocoa solids the bar tasted smooth bitter-sweet, I would stress more on bitter than sweet. It will leave you with an aftertaste of orange with slight heat of ginger. And to top it all this particular bar is vegan.I loved it. 


Of course both the bars are gone now, but if you would like to have a go, then visit Seed and Bean Organic. 


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