Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Sweet and First Giveaway at NuttyCook



I love cheese-cake! No matter what flavour it is, I just love it. At first you get that smooth, creamy, slightly sweet soft cream cheese and then comes the contrast in texture, crunchy, buttery biscuit which simply creates magic in your mouth and melts away.


But this pleasure comes at a cost. Every time I thought of making a cheese cake, first thing comes to my mind is I have to finish it all alone. Ideally that is not a problem for me but since I am counting my calories now I can’t really afford to have lots of cheese cake. If not heart attack I would die out of guilt! So, I was looking for alternative solutions to soft cheese that I can use and guess what I found .. yoghurt!


This dessert is so simple that I couldn’t believe when I finished making it. It’s really an assembly job of very few ingredients and no cooking involved. You can do so many varieties of it that the possibilities are endless. And to top it all it’s quite low in calorie compared to traditional cheese cake and it is eggless too.



(Serves 2 : in individual serving glass or bowl)

6-8 tbsp of low fat set yoghurt

2 digestive biscuits (broken into very small pieces)

4 heaped tsp sweetner

2 heaped tsp dry roasted broken pea nuts

4-6 dried apricot (cut into small pieces)

2 tsp mixed peal (I used orange and lemon but this is purely optional)

Handful of broken pistachio nuts for garnishing



Take a big sieve, place it on top of a wide container which can collect the liquid draining from the sieve. Place a cheese cloth on top of the sieve and pour the set yoghurt on it. Cover the top of the sieve and place the whole arrangement in the fridge and now you can forget about it for next 24 hrs.


After 24 hrs of draining the moisture out of the yoghurt, transfer the content of the cheese cloth to a container and add the sweetner to it. If you want to use sugar instead then go ahead but use icing sugar as it will melt instantly and mix easily. Now add the chopped dried apricot and the mixed peal to the yoghurt. You can use any dried fruit or even chocolate if you want. its entirely up to your taste.


Mix the toasted nuts and the digestive biscuits and pour 2 tbsp on each serving glass press a bit to get the air out of it. Now pour the dollops of yoghurt and dried fruit mix on top of the biscuit and nut mix. Pour as much as you like, then garnish it with pistachio nuts. You can also use dark chocolate, it will work equally well. Now you can either serve or keep in the fridge and serve chilled later.


Coming to the Giveaway bit..this is the first time I am having a cookbook giveaway on NuttyCook and I am really excited about it. I was thinking about it for a long time but for some reason or the other this was getting postponed. Now that Easter is coming I thought it will be a perfect opportunity for me to host the giveaway. So without further delay here comes the details of the three great cookbooks I have for you!!


The first one is: Pasta



The second one is : Entertaining at home 



and the third one is : Easy Food for Utter Indulgence



I will giveaway one book to each winner, which means there will be three winners of this giveaway! The giveaway will be open for 2 weeks from now. I will be announcing the name of the winners on NuttyCook’s Facebook page and on Twitter. I guess now you would want to know what you need to do, to win this fabulous cook books. Well nothing much just do the following..

1. Leave a comment in this post stating which book you would like to receive if you are the winner.

2. Like NuttyCook’s Facebook page 

3. Follow NuttyCook on twitter @thenuttycook

4. Spread the word in twitter using #nuttycookbookgiveaway (this is optional but if you do then I will appreciate it a lot and consider that as an extra entry from you).  

I will collect all the entries and choose the winners randomly.

Now comes the fine print bit:  I can only post the books to UK address.


So guys tell me your choices and you could win one of these fabulous books. 


  1. great giveaway but so bad that we cant join....
    lovely dessert idea. love fruit yo based desserts.

  2. Thanks GREAT giveaway: I love Entertaining at home!

  3. I also like NuttyCook’s Facebook page

  4. Thank you Barbara :) really appreciate it :)

  5. oooh i love all three book, but i think i will go for entertaining at home because im always stuck as tow hat to make when it comes to parties. The easy food for utter indulgence is a close second..oh my that cover pics is too good to pass.
    The dessert looks fab, i love how you have used yoghurt and sweetener. Wondering how diff the taste is cos you have used it obvious that its not sugar?

    1. Thanks Nisha :) Well not that obvious, I find the Splenda is the best of all the sweetner I have tried! Try that, it does have some after taste but its not bad as a substitute. However, sugar will taste better I think.

  6. oh and i already like your fb page and have followed you on twitter

  7. Hmmm Lovely recipe. I would love to have "Easy Food for Utter Indulgence"... Alas! I am not in UK. Anyways, i like your recipes and have liked your page already. As to twitter, will do it too. :) Will try this recipe at home :).

  8. The Pasta cookbook....I need to learn more ways to make pasta... and I am in the UK too...and I have followed you in twitter and Facebook :-) Bwt the yogurt cheesecake looks yum...

  9. The Easy food for Utter Indulgence. Will go to the facebook page - and btw if I do win, it would be a gift for my daughter who lives in the UK.

  10. Would love to have easy food for utter indulgence !!!!! That book looks to die for :)
    Lovely dessert!!!!

  11. Already follow you on twitter !!!!

  12. I would love the "Easy Food for Utter Indulgence". There's nothing better than a great pud!

  13. strained yogurt makes for a really good dessert. I'm not interested in the giveaway, but was wondering what you used as your sweetener instead of sugar?

    1. Hi Choclette,
      I find Splenda best among the other sweetner I have tried, however I must say it does have an after taste!

  14. Nice dessert n gud options 4 give awy...I would like 2 win Pasta book..

  15. Tempting as well as mouthwatering…

  16. I would love any but my first choice would be Easy Food for Utter Indulgency, followed by Pasta.

  17. I've also tweeted, followed on Twitter and FB.

  18. I would love the Pasta cook book please. :) I love to cook pasta and I have sauce running in my veins! hehehe

  19. I'd love to win the entertaining at home book! following on fb & twitter & tweeted for you @seasiderclare

  20. Please can I have 'Easy food for utter indulgence'

  21. Hi! I read just now that you can only post the books to UK address: I write from Italy, so please do not count my comments!