Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corn –Indian Style


Bhutta –pora (Roasted Corn) I felt very nostalgic making roasted corn on the cob. It reminds me so much of my days in Bangalore.Someone told me once that “feelings get destroyed if you try to express them” I am following her advice and not saying any more. Its raining outside and I am going to simply enjoy my bhutta by the window and rewind all those sweet memories I have.


  1. oh my that looks amazing..i used 2 have this from the road side vendors in shud post the recipe. But then you probably charred it on a flame top rt..i have an electric hob top and wont be able 2 do so..

  2. Yes, silence is golden and you don't need to say one bit more. I too have lovely memories of enjoying this dish in B'lore, ah!

  3. @Nisha, yes I did it on a flame top then dipped a lemon wedge in salt and chilli powder mix and rubbed on the corn. Thats it. That's the recipe.

    @Plateful, thanks :)enjoy

  4. this is chennais beach goers fav.. n mine too..

  5. love love that charred look! I have been having so much of grilled corn this summer..anytime we grill, corn is definitely there :)