Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

I love Chocolates. 


Who doesn’t? But seriously, this is something that I can have any time of the day or even night. That’s why when I received a big box full of chocolates from Sainsbury last week. I was over the moon again. There were seven different types of chocolates in it which I will be sharing with you here in two posts. It felt like opening a box of treasures as they show in the pirate movies.  

CS_131 CS_48

Now, since Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, I am sure everyone will be thinking what can you get for the very special person in your life. What ever gift you choose two things are must chocolates and flowers. Without them your day is not complete (at least for me it’s not! ).


I always wanted to photograph chocolates. I have seen many gorgeous photos of chocolate and it made me drool every time. This time I thought I will first photograph them before I eat them. I must tell you it was difficult, very difficult, not to have a bite while taking the photos.

Marc de Champagne: Filled with genuine French Marc de Champagne made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes


Milk Chocolate: A traditional Gysi-family recipe using chocolate from Ghana and Ecuador


Vanilla Caramel with fresh Swiss cream


Rich Dark :  Made with single-origin chocolate from Madagascan Trinitario beans


Belgian Milk Chocolate Flaked Truffles


But I tried, and tried hard not to eat, as they were such a temptation but you can’t stay away from them for long time. So I ate one or two ..may be more during the photo shoot but I managed to finish the photo shoot before I finished the chocolates.

End of part one ..There are few more chocolates which I still haven't photographed yet! I will cover them in my next post.


  1. Absolutely yummy looking chocolates :) damn tempting and I can really sense how hard it would have been to resist eating them while photoshoot :)

    Awesome clicks. You have made them look so precious :)

  2. Are vahh..Lovely looking chocolates Sanchita and the photographs are way too tempting!!!

  3. Sanchita, these pictures are stunning! And the chocolates look delicious! I hope you enjoyed them :)

  4. I'm so jealous of u for getting to enjoy those chocolates, but but u sure let us enjoy them with your gorgeous photos!!

  5. Hy Sanchita,

    fascinating clicks with nice presentation..Am your new follower now..
    do drop by mine sometime..
    Tasty appetite

  6. i still can't get over those chocolate pictures! beautiful :)

  7. Lovely clicks... looking at chocolates make me feel like eating them now!! happy to follow your blog! :)