Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Panettone


Life is full of sweet surprises which suddenly appears and brings a smile on your face. Last week I received an email inviting me to try one of the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference range of products, which will help in making this Christmas a perfect Christmas for all of their customers. I was delighted to receive the e-mail and decided to go with Taste the Difference Panettone from the list of products.


On Friday, I received a big box in the morning’s post. I knew it is cake but didn’t expect it to be in that big a box. It was huge and came in a very pretty looking festive gift box with a ribbon on top. I so fell in love with box that I didn’t want to open it for some time. I was expecting a small loaf inside it but finally, when I opened the box, I found this huge cake occupying the entire box in all three directions and left no space for any extra packaging.


I usually don’t like to share my piece of cake but it was such a huge cake even I knew I won’t be able to finish it alone. We were planning to see our friends over the weekend, so thought why not take this cake and get an opinion form everyone. So we took the cake to the party.


We had a rocking party in my friend’s house and after dinner was time for the movie. So my friend put the kettle on and I started to cut the huge Italian Chocolate cake in to pieces. I was almost done with it and realized we need some plates for everyone to enjoy their cake with some fresh coffee while watching the movie. It took me only few mutes to come back with the plates but by then all the pieces were gone. I couldn’t understand for a minute what just happened. I looked at the empty plate (well, almost empty - they saved a piece for me) and then looked around, almost everyone had finished eating. “Oh My God!! What a cake!!!” one of my friend broke the silence. Then one after the other everyone started telling how lovely the cake was. My best friend and the host of the party said “All time delicious, mouth watering cake. It literally melted in my mouth. Very special for Christmas”.We were around ten people in that room and everyone loved it!!


Finally, I got my piece of cake and I couldn’t agree more with my friends present in the room. The cake was extremely light, sweet, buttery and chocolaty at the same time. The texture was very similar to soft inner part of a croissant. The cake had a very thin chocolate layer on top and inside it was filled with small chocolate bits. Simply divine and a must for the upcoming festive season. Thank you Sainsbury's. We all love it and will definitely get more in near future.


Also thanks a ton for the chocolate and the coffee I received last month. The Ethiopian Sidamo Ground Coffee from Sainsbury’s Taste the difference range is amazingly smooth and the bitter sweet dark chocolate goes perfectly well with the coffee. Thanks!!!



  1. looks like bread inside..was the texture that way as well????
    Yup u are right its hugeeeeeeee :)

  2. @ Nisha, The texture is more like buttery croissant, melt in the mouth!!!

  3. The cake looks absolutely yummy and choc cake is huge, it wud have treated u well :)

  4. wow this was a wonderful surprise and glad that you all had a great time and cake indeed looks heavenly :)

  5. Lucky you! The panettone looks absolutely delightful. Beautiful photos!

  6. Damn Lucky Sanchita...
    I really dunno why I have never received any tasters like this ?