Sunday, October 4, 2009

Garlic Rice

Well, I am suffering from a terrible cold, and really don't feel like cooking a lot. I remember, when I was a little girl and used to catch a cold, my mum used to make this for me. I loved it because it taste good and now I have another reason to like it because its so easy to make. So, here you go....


Rice (cooked) take as much as you would like to eat
2-3 cloves of Garlic (cut into pieces)
1/2 tsp freshly crushed black pepper
Ghee/ Butter
Salt (as per taste)


Simply heat the ghee/butter and fry the garlic. When the garlic is almost done add the crushed black pepper and salt, now mix it with the rice. Eat it hot you will feel good.

Note: You can vary the quantity of the ingredients as per your taste.